Full of Hints

I started this blog  with my process of deciding how to camp in the back of a truck and hints about how easy it is to live in the back of a truck. I have run out of hints. It has been fun to figure things out and share them. But now what? There are no more hint.

I am going to stop blogging  since I have run out of hints. So, go out and camp. You will figure it out. Start your own blog and share your hints and experiences.

Thank you for reading and commenting over the past 4 years. I will be camping in the back of Lilith. Hope to see you on the road some day!Dispersed Camping

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Chasing Sun and Shopping

Chasing sun with solar

This is stage 4 of chasing the sun around the tree limbs and leaves. In about ten minutes the sun appeared full strength and charged the Yeti up to full power very quickly.

Shopping, once a month, can be stressful . In the woods I do not move at 65 mph. There are no advertising signs in the aspens. There are no crowds of humans. So, some hints about making the town trip stress free.

Have a list that has been started with items you forgot on the last town trip. Arrange the list by stores. Drive from store to store with gas saving in mind.  Save the grocery store ’til last so eggs stay fresh. Discard all trash from packaging in the grocery store parking lot garbage can. Plan on a treat in town, either a nice salad or a visit to the town center. Treat yourself to a nice hot shower. Have a local beer.

When you get to your camping spot start the new list with the forgotten items at the top. I had fly swatter on the top of every  list for a year. Finally got one last week.

Shop carefully, don’t go off the list, and have fun in town!














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Approaching Four Corners Truck Camping

Camping in campgrounds is a mixed blessing. There is water. There is a pit toilet. There are also lots of people and rules and dogs and chipmunks being fed. West Fork CG with Norm and SueI fell in love with Norm and Sue. They have been comping in the same spot for many years. The chipmunks and hummingbirds know them. The other campers know them. They were generous with their camping knowledge and extra goodies like pizza!!

I decided after 20 days in the West Fork campground that I should camp in a dispersed area. Surely it would be quieter, fewer people, just me and nature.West Fork dispersed camping

I found a great spot. Next to the West Fork of the river, no one near. Then two camper vans pulled up with 6 children under the age of 6 who loved to scream when they did or saw anything. Then a yoga teacher with 4 dogs and a bottle of tequila. I lasted two days. Then moved on to a campground down the road.

Everything was dripping and soggy so the first thing to do at the next spot was to clean out the chipmunk shit and sort through things I am not using. I had four dry days. The back of the truck clean out took one day. The next day was the front of the truck. That took only a half day.

Clean out of camper

The hint is that on dry days clean out. Another hint is not to expect quiet in a dispersed camping area.

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Camping in Monsoon

There is a certain time of the year in  southern Colorado that is called monsoon. Rain. Rain in the morning. Clearing, then rain in the afternoon, then clearing. Then rain in the night. It makes everything lush and drippy and beautiful.Creede to Pagosa Springs

A hammock was the best addition to truck camping I made this year.  It is light, takes up little room and is so luxurious feeling. This is a big truck camper hint… buy a hammock. The new ones have a strap that sets up the hammock in seconds. If it gets wet, just wait for the sun. It takes only minutes to dry the hammock out. You will always be glad to have a hammock. hammock

Another activity to do while truck camping, while not reading in your hammock, is cleaning up old messes. You get to feel so good afterwards. I found this site on a hike and came back the next day to clean it up. And felt good.

Another truck camping hint has to do with eating. Without refrigeration the pickings are slim, but fun. My latest go to meal is sardines. Lime, Siracha and a touch of salt all on a Ritz cracker. It is yummy. sardines

I am camped next to the West Fork of the San Juan River. It is lush and exciting. There are mountains and huge trees and clear water streams. Heavenly.

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Bristol Head Camping

Slowly, slowly I am making my way to New Mexico. Right now I am in a National Forest Campground called Bristol Head, just north of Creede, CO. There are several waterfalls, and this the first one that I found. Breathtaking. I never knew I was so nervous around heights.Bristol Head waterfall

There were cowboy/girls too. I found their lost heifer for them and was totally rewarded with beautiful working relationship between the riders, their horses and dog. The heifer had a problem with it’s feet. All well, now.

Bristol Head Cowgirl

I am not too sure about this campground stuff. It is a luxury I may get too used to. I love having a pit toilet. I love having potable water. I could do without generators and diesel fumes and big rigs. Below is my view, so its hard to beat!

Bristol Head morning

The weather is rain in the afternoon and evenings, days in the 70’s, nights in the 40’s. Sweet.


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