Cooking While Truck Camping

There are certain problems cooking when living in a truck. Wind, rain, cold, heat and space. And trying to keep eggs and vegetables fresh with no refrigeration (would rather have books than a cooler).

I have a plastic bag of oatmeal mix (Scottish oats from Bob’s Red Mill with toasted coconut, pecans and cranberries) that is my go-to breakfast. If its not raining. If the wind is below 30 mph.

My favorite, when I have eggs,  is this process: I fry the eggs on top of a box of soaked potatoes, then cover them.

eggs cooking while truck camping

The key to all of this is steel plates and bowls.  They wash easily, don’t break and are inexpensive. Compact Stainless Steel Dish Set for Home and Outdoor Use, with Small Plate, Bowl, and Cup 

Dinner is usually a soup made from dried veggies (Harmony House Foods Soup Mix, Dried Vegetable, 12 Ounce Quart Size Jar) with dried mushrooms and a part of a pack of onion soup mix or hot and sour soup mix.

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Buying Stuff

There are many items that have made full time camping in the truck a bit easier. I have the links below. If you buy anything through these links I will get a tiny bit of money. No additional cost to you!

The most important has been the Goal Zero set up. I can hang the panels anywhere and charge all of the electronic equipment.Goal Zero solar panels
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station, 400Wh Battery Powered Generator Alternative with 12V, AC and USB Outputs

This stove has created more comments than anything else. Everyone loves the 1 burner! And people love the wind screen, too.

single burner stove with wind screen

Coleman Powerpack Propane Stove
HIGHROCK TALL Compact Folding Camp Stove Windscreen

And the tarp has been a great rain/sun protector.Dispersed Camping

10′ x 12′ Dry Top Heavy Duty White Full Size 10-mil Poly Tarp item 310122

I will be adding more ‘essentials” as I discover them.

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How to Find a Good Site

For the last 6 months I have been traveling in the New Mexico State Parks. It is a wonderful experience at an affordable price (out of state is $225 for 1 year).  Once you pay the $225 you do not pay one penny more for two weeks of camping at any State Park. For a year that translates to $18.75/month. If you need electricity you will need to make reservations (extra costs are electricity $4/night, reservation also costs something) . It seems that people are getting used to the comforts of home and drive around in huge rigs, towing a car, and need electricity for their microwave. That leaves the non electric sites pretty empty and the electric sites full.

The State Parks each have something of interest … birds, history, hikes, water sports. In winter there are warm parks. In summer cool ones.

It still helps to:

  • arrive at park on a Monday or Tuesday
  • drive around looking and ask the camp host or ranger for the primo non electric site
  • check out where the bathrooms are (you may want to be close or far)
  • ask other non-electric campers about your next campground
  • Be very aware of holidays, especially in summer.
    • July 4th may require a reservation, even without electricity
    • Christmas was surprisingly busy

Truck camping in Fort Sumner State Park

This is a good example of a great non-electric site. The electric sites were all crowded together with no view. We are lucky.Oliver Lee truck camping spot

A great shelter and indescribable sunsets.

NM State park truck camping

There hasn’t been a bad camping spot, yet. And the luxury of bathrooms and water and showers are a great incentive to try the NM State Parks.

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Bathing While Truck Camping

bathing while truck camping

To bathe while truck camping requires hot water and sunshine. I heat up water to boiling, add it to the bucket and adjust the temperature with cold water. After washing hair I stand in the NM wind and do a silly dance, chanting “I’m blow drying my hair! I’m blow drying my hair!” I confess to much laughter, then dry out the towel.drying towel while truck camping

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Another Truck Camper

The fella who owns this beautiful, functional truck, and travels full time in it, was  employed in construction. When he retired he went to work on his truck, then took off for the woods and mountains. He cut a hole in the roof of his topper so he had some head room.truck camper 1 truck camper 5

His kitchen is on the driver’s side. What enchanted me was his use of magnets to keep his flatware in place.Truck Casmper2 truck camper 3The passenger side is ventilation and views.truck camper 6

Not fancy inside, but very functional. He is tough and this works perfectly for him.truck camper 4

We watched sunsets together. We shared secret hidden camping spots. He shared chocolates and pears and mandarin oranges with me. Oh those wonderful people one meets while camping!!

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