Bristol Head Camping

Slowly, slowly I am making my way to New Mexico. Right now I am in a National Forest Campground called Bristol Head, just north of Creede, CO. There are several waterfalls, and this the first one that I found. Breathtaking. I never knew I was so nervous around heights.Bristol Head waterfall

There were cowboy/girls too. I found their lost heifer for them and was totally rewarded with beautiful working relationship between the riders, their horses and dog. The heifer had a problem with it’s feet. All well, now.

Bristol Head Cowgirl

I am not too sure about this campground stuff. It is a luxury I may get too used to. I love having a pit toilet. I love having potable water. I could do without generators and diesel fumes and big rigs. Below is my view, so its hard to beat!

Bristol Head morning

The weather is rain in the afternoon and evenings, days in the 70’s, nights in the 40’s. Sweet.


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Colorado Camping

OMG y’all. These moose were all around me for the fourteen days in Deer Lake. This is a campground in the Gunnison National Forest. What? I am paying for camping? Yes. About 40 years ago I loaned a woman $2,500 for a down payment on a house. She paid it back last month. So, since my loan to her went for a house that $2,500 is now going to my luxurious camping. With well water. With bathrooms. I figure it will last about 2 years. What luxury, thanks to eartheyes!

I like this cool weather in the middle of summer.  At 10,519′. It started off with frost covering the trucks in the mornings. Then warm up to 75 in the day. I stood on the lip of the lake and let the mountain air blow dry my hair. Yummy. I hiked and hiked and read books.

Off to another secret hidden spot.–





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Where Do I Stay Truck Camping?

  • Boondocking:  Camping on federal property for free. No facilities, no water, few neighbors. BLM land or National Forest Service have the most area.  I can usually stay in one spot for two weeks.  Here are some examples:Painters Spring Boondocking

Boggy Draw Boondocking

Valley of Gods Boondocking

Sandy Wash Boondocking

  • National Forest Campgrounds: They sometimes have water and vault toilets. I stay away from the ones with hot showers and 50 amp service. Those are usually full of very excited children and party goers. Here is one of my favorite spots in southern Colorado:Burro Bridge Campsite

Below is another great spot in southern Utah: Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep Shelter

  • State Park Campgrounds: Below is the view from the back of Lilith in the Utah State Park called Goblin Valley . (They also have hot showers!):View from Lilith in Goblin State ParkNew Mexico campground  was perfect for two weeks:City of Rocks

There are too many perfect truck camping spots to post. The west is full of them! Maybe next I will head to Idaho. There are many National Forests and remote campgrounds there.

But I never really know where I am going until I get there.

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Weather and Truck Camping

There are truck campers who go skiing for the season in their truck. Skiing all day, lots of warm food in warm restaurants, and a serious sleeping bag.

There are people who live in their truck camper in the swamps in 90/90 weather (90 degrees, 90 percent humidity). No air conditioning. Maybe a fan.

Everyone has their own comfort zone. What’s yours?

Where/how to be reasonably comfortable?

  1. Test out your levels of comfort. I was fine sleeping at 0 degrees. Not fun for making coffee in the morning.
  2. Altitude is a great temperature adjuster. You  can lose/gain an average 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit for every  loss/gain of 1000 feet. I found a great map for elevation data. Just put in your latitude and longitude where you plan to be and the site will give you the elevation.
  3. Ask questions of others on the road. Listen to the radio. Ask the local librarians, gas station attendants, waiters. Everyone seems more than willing to share climate and weather info.
  4. To find out if a specific spot will be tolerable check out  weatherspark averages. This image below is for the temps in Moab, Utah. There are other graphs for wind speed, humidity, rain/snow, cloud cover, etc.Weather Spark Moab Temps

And know that sometimes you will be cold/hot/wet no matter how extensively you plan.

Enjoy every minute.



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Insurance for Truck Camping

Truck Camper insuranceWhy Have Insurance?

  • It is against the law to drive without insurance.
  • It is expensive to be involved in an accident. Saving the money instead of paying the insurance premiums wouldn’t accumulate enough money to pay for a day in the hospital.
  •  Some inattentive driver  could crash into  Lilith.  A deer could land on the hood. A tree could fall on her. I need that truck/home to be operational.
  • Would I insure  the household items ? Nah. Its only stuff. I could replace everything from savings.


Insurance Savings?

Looking to save money I started fantasizing that if Lilith was called a home then the insurance might be cheaper.  How much could it be to insure a 28 square ft home? Maybe she could be called a motor home? A “manufactured home”?

Lilith’s  presently has an auto insurance policy that is $360, paid every 6 months to State Farm in Colorado.  The policy has a $2,000 deductible. It works within the budget. I  still have no firm idea of what I am insured for and when some exclusionary clause is going to come up and bite me.

I will stick with this policy until I get smart enough to figure out something different.

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