Cleaning Out The Truck Camper

Every once in a while I am impelled to take everything out of the back and sweep and dust and clean. The sleeping bags really need the sun and breeze.air sleeping bags

The drawers of staples need to be reorganized and cleaned. It has been several months since I gave them any attention. The coffee needs to go with the sugar, the catsup needs to go with mustard, etc. Also a good time to check on quantities. How many days can I go without shopping? What am I missing? What do I have too much of?

Cleaning out the pantry

And then I took out the runner rugs and swept in all of the corners. Found a bunch of these bugs. Glad to take them out.  I have no idea what they are, but they were barely alive. I carefully gathered them up in a paper bag and took them down the wash, wishing them well.

The major cleaning out of the truck  happens only periodically. Every morning I sweep the floor. I also make up the bed every day (not sure why). During this clean out I found that the runner rugs were starting to fall apart (the backs were delaminating and scattering black crumbs everywhere), I had way too many packs of crackers, way too little fruit, all out of fresh veggies. There was a little bit of butter left, but tasting more cheese every day.

What a treat to have the truck bed organized and clean. Phew.

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Keeping Mice and Bugs out while Truck Camping

Rules that work for me:

  1. Keep all edible food double or triple contained. In a ziplock bag, then in a sealable container, then in a box.
  2. Spray the tires with ammonia every 3 days.
  3. Be liberal in your scattering of packets of Fresh Cab in the truck bed. Smells great.
  4. If you eat inside make sure you sweep out any crumbs the next morning.Make sure that you throw away swept crumbs, don’t just sweep onto ground.

Some people swear that you need to keep the engine hood open and a light inside the engine compartment. This was a failure for me in the camping around Taos. Seemed as though I was illuminating the path for the rodents. Many invaders  peed and nested while the hood was open and a light hanging in the engine compartment. Once I switched to spraying ammonia they stopped setting up home. Peeing around the truck did not work as well as spraying the tires.

Some people swear by dryer sheets. Didn’t work for me, other than make the truck smell like a laundromat.

Some people swear by moth balls (did not stop chipmunks), some swear by essential oils soaked cotton balls. Didn’t work for me. Did smell nice.

Nothing works against determined raccoons. Period. Just gotta move.

morning in Quartzsite

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Quartzsite Shopping

Quartzsite is in full gear now, with acres and acres of things for sale for the snowbirds.

There are huge areas of giant motor homes. All shiny and new with price tags that caused my jaw to drop. $200,000 was not uncommon.big rigs

There is a special place for adult day care that serves Moose Drool beer and surprisingly bad food.
adult baby sitting

Lots of MAGA followers here.

Everything that you can think of is for sale during the winter in Quartzsite. There are miles and miles of used things for sale.

When was the last time you saw piles of pulleys for sale?

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Coffee For Truck Camping

truck camping coffeeCoffee is very important to my ease of travel. It took 3 years of trail and error to get the right tools for truck camping and my love of extremely strong coffee.

I loved the taste of the Vietnamese phin, but cleaning it out after every use was a pain in the water supply. The french press was too big, and too much trouble to clean it out and it didn’t do as well as the others in making small amounts of coffee.

The Aero Press was  the winner. The coffee is very good, there is a metal screen for the filter and the cleaning is a snap. I have now used the Aero Press for 4 years and still love it. I have learned that in cold weather it helps to dunk the plunger in hot water so that the rubber expands and will push the coffee down evenly. That is the only adjustment I make. Darn easy.


(The link  will  take you to a place to buy the item. It doesn’t cost you more, I get a few cents from the transaction.)

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Lost in Space while Truck Camping

I lost my phone 5 days ago and learned a great deal about phones and truck camping and personal goals.

I missed taking pictures for the blog. I missed not taking notes for the blog on the phone. Then, after about day 3 of no phone I realized how much it was dominating the day to day life of someone who was living in the woods. I was checking how many miles I was walking. I was making notes on work to do on the blog. I was listening to podcasts at night, falling asleep to newscasts from NPR.

After day 4 it was obvious. Something had to change. How present was I? I was distracting myself from the present by the phone.

Then I found it on day 5.

And went back to using the phone as before. Aggh.rainbow

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