Help for Truck Camping

I bought Lilith’s  tires from Big O in Basalt, Colorado three years ago.

I was having trouble with the tires losing pressure when we drove up to Burro Bridge campground …. going from 7,000′ to 9,000′. So when I wondered what I could do about it the folks at the Cortez Big O (thanks, Nathan) decided that putting nitrogen in the tires instead of air might do the trick. (“thats what airplanes use, it wont hurt to mix with oxygen if you can’t find nitrogen….”) The following week I had the same problem … the light indicating low tire pressure came on. The folks at Big O took all of the tires off  the rims and cleaned them. Aha! Gravel in the rims. All of this care at no charge since I bought the tires from Big O.

They will also work on the brakes, have changed the oil and all of the filters and got the packrat nest out of the air filter. That stuff costs. Only the tire care is free.

They do it with a smile, and there are many Big Os out here in the west. They are a truck’s best friend.

Another thing to tell you. I caved in and bought a cooler. Reason? John and Bonnie Cunningham cooked dinner from their cooler over a fire and invited me. Oh. It tasted so good. I have been eating Spam and crackers for too long. Time to upgrade the diet. I splurged and bought a Yeti. Then filled it up with dry ice, eggs, bok choi, brussel sprouts, peppers, onions and 3 bratworsts.  I’ll let you know if this works out. (*didn’t. The dry ice froze the bok choi, the cauliflower and brussel spouts stunk up the cooler, and everything turned liquid only after 4 days. Hated the brats. Gonna try again.)

Not Truck Camping in Winter

I have volunteered with the Forest Service to take care of the Burro Bridge campground after my job ends (9/23) until the hunters leave. Am hoping there will not be this much snow. I spent a whole week this spring cleaning what the hunters did to the campground and the trees and the bathrooms and the scattered trash. Don’t want to do that next spring. Maybe I can keep them in line. They have guns. I have a cleaning bucket. Hmmm.




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Lost ‘Phone

I lost the ‘phone for 5 days. Whew. What a relief not to find it. I started looking, instead of composing photos for the blog. I started listening to the plethora of birds (stating at 5:50 am every morning) instead of downloaded podcasts. I didn’t want to find the ‘phone (telephone? really? More like a pocket computer/tv/radio/camera).

I realized that I was not being very present.

So, the blog is stopping for a while. I might pick the blog up again when I get moving. Gonna try Arizona during the coming winter. The camp hosting in Colorado’s wonderful San Juan National Forest will end in September. Maybe I will be present enough by then.


Just cut my hair and was very excited

Hope to see you on the road!

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Lizard Head Wilderness


Some of the joys of truck camping are being places where it is hard to get to. This is a map of the area where I am, right on the border of the Lizard Head Wilderness area.. Burro Bridge is on the bottom third. Three mountains of above 14,000′ are right there. A wild and wooly area of mountains and vistas and waterfalls. Great hikes, arduous hikes. Excited climbers going up. Exhausted hikers coming down to the campground. But they all have wide eyes and big smiles!

I see one of the fourteeneers, El Diente, every day. Breathtaking. How lucky to be camphosting in a truck!Diente

Great campers arrived. They were hikers and bird watchers and friendly folk. They showed me, with a spotting scope, a warbling vireo nest … with momma or dad sitting in a large nest. I walked past the nest many times, but never saw the nest before. These great camper also helped with a new tarp set up. I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around how to cover the table … they helped design ropes and hitches. Phew.


 So happy. Such great campers who come all the way up to Burro Bridge. Its 32.6 miles from cell service. It is 10 miles of  a washboard gravel road. And there is no electricity in this campground, or anywhere near.


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Messy Truck Camping

Pollen has to be cleaned from the solar panels at least 3x a day. I have been sneezing like crazy. Every wind gust brings more pollen. Not a problem, just an observation about the hazards (lol) of truck camping.pollen while truck camping

I have been putting off emptying the truck and doing a thorough cleaning. Well, today, coming to town, the topper door popped open. 32 miles of dust and grit and sand and pollen  blew into the back. Into the living/sleeping quarters. Ha. Now I have to empty the back. Sometimes thats what it takes.

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Back to Camphosting

They (the forest rangers) just spread the word that Burro Bridge can open on Friday! So I am dashing around town (Dolores, CO) buying groceries and trying to download Netflix goodies. Also trying to download some Kindle reading. I emphasize trying. The WiFi at the local library is very slow. I sometimes sit here for 3 hours and get one movie downloaded. Ah, well. More time to be alone in nature. The same problem with the Kindle. Haven’t been able to download one book. So I carry a huge stack of free books from the local library instead of the Kindle. Next stop will be groceries. This is easier than trying to download. I have no cooler, no refrigeration, so this limits the grocery list. Tomatoes, sweet potato, onion, garlic, veggies to pickle and a treat (usually a can or two of ginger ale).

Then check mail. Then pack up and head back to Burro Bridge. Oh happy day!Burro Bridge Camp Host

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