Insurance for Truck Camping

Truck Camper insuranceWhy Have Insurance?

  • It is against the law to drive without insurance.
  • It is expensive to be involved in an accident. Saving the money instead of paying the insurance premiums wouldn’t accumulate enough money to pay for a day in the hospital.
  •  Some inattentive driver  could crash into  Lilith.  A deer could land on the hood. A tree could fall on her. I need that truck/home to be operational.
  • Would I insure  the household items ? Nah. Its only stuff. I could replace everything from savings.


Insurance Savings?

Looking to save money I started fantasizing that if Lilith was called a home then the insurance might be cheaper.  How much could it be to insure a 28 square ft home? Maybe she could be called a motor home? A “manufactured home”?

Lilith’s  presently has an auto insurance policy that is $360, paid every 6 months to State Farm in Colorado.  The policy has a $2,000 deductible. It works within the budget. I  still have no firm idea of what I am insured for and when some exclusionary clause is going to come up and bite me.

I will stick with this policy until I get smart enough to figure out something different.

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Thinking about Fishing while Truck Camping.

Costs for fishing: the gear and the license.

Minimalist gear: Some line, a stick, a weight, a hook and a float.  I  toss the stick when I move on and store the line and gear in a can.  I have an old mesh bag that I can rig as a net with the stick. Easy peasy and cost  of less than $2.

The license: 

As a resident of Colorado and of a certain age my fishing license would cost $1.

Cost for 1 year Oregon non resident : $97.50/yr. That does not include shell fish (+$26.00) or Steelhead/Salmon (+$25) or Columbia River Basin (+$9.75)  fishing. Once winter comes I won’t be there, so a year license is good for only a few months.

Cost for 1 year Idaho non resident: $98.25/yr. Not there in winter.

Cost for 1 year  Montana non resident:  $96/yr. Same winter problem.

Cost for 1 year Wyoming non resident: $92.00/yr. Same winter problem.

Cost for 1 year Washington non resident: Non-residents aged 16 to 69 pay : freshwater is $48 and saltwater: is $43.80. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $27.60 but a razor clam specific license is $15.60. Fishing and gathering shellfish combined costs $89.40 a year. However next year I will qualify as a senior citizen and will have reduced fees. Nope. Read the rules again. Found this applies only to Oregon residents.Freshwater will be $6, saltwater will be $6.60. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $9.60. I know where I will be next spring and summer and fall. If I wish to fish.

The cost of the licenses are geared to sport fishing, not someone who wants to eat.

How many fish could I eat to make it a good thing to fish? So far I am saving $20-$30/month on the $514/ month budget without fishing. If I do not move I can save over $100 a month. And anglers keep giving me fish if I stay put long enough!

House Creek Fisherboys

So who needs a fishing license or fishing gear?

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Questions Asked Truck Campers

Where are you going?

Here and there:maps for camping

There are so many exciting places to see, so many interesting people, so much nature to smell and taste. So many challenges, so much. There is no telling where I am going. These are the maps I have, so probably there.

What will you do?


truck camping activities

Read and write and hike and eat and read more and more. Most time is spent going on hikes and reading and writing. And straightening up the truck and reading and writing some more.

Where do you go to the bathroom?

I have a Mason jar.


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Cleanliness and Truck Camping

The 2 Bucket Cleanliness Routine

Cleanliness is a great way to feel good and keep the mice/mold/stink down. You just have to find the time and the space to do it. For a serious cleaning stop in any rv park. Ask at the front desk if you can shower. Its usually $3-$8. Truck stops are more expensive ($12-20), but have nicer showers and more hot water. Sometimes its worth it. I count it against the entertainment budget. Sometimes the laundry budget.

For week to week cleaning the  blue bucket holds everything  to clean the body (a sun shower, Dr Bronners, and a cloth),  the dishes (the sponges and Dr Bronners) and the inside of the truck (a broom). 

Wash bucket contents for truck camping

Below is  the white bucket  #2,   for clothes washing and toilet. The Tide and dryer sheets are for a town/laundromat visit. There is also 20′ of cord with clips for drying clothes outside. One bucket is used for washing (clothes or dishes or me ). The other for rinsing (clothes or dishes or me). The sun shower is great for washing hair and washing dishes. No sun? The stove heats up water very hot, very fast.

Wash clothes bucket opened


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Truck Camper Bed Living and Rearranging

I am not traveling at the moment. I got a job with some friends and a beautiful place to stop for a while. The hiatus will give me time (and money) to do a few upgrades to Lilith and the living area.

beginning truck bed camping

Two years ago this took less than $100 and less than 3 hours to build. It turned into a terrific home. Comfy home in the bed of a truck

Of course the towels-as-curtains will get replaced. I am now toying with the idea of doing the whole thing over, with more attention to detail.  With better quality wood. With more sanding. With some kind of stain or paint on the floor. There are some areas (like around the wheel wells) that need more attention. As is they are wasted space. When the space is this tiny  every centimeter counts!

Some things to replace:

1. I hate the little round puck lights to read by. Not enough light. So I switched to head lamps. Not the best solution as they drive me crazy after an hour of reading (they are either to tight or too loose or not reading-light compatible).

2. I would like to put a screen material over the window by the cab. I usually have it open, but bugs see the reading person in the bed and get in.

3. I need a cool, dark place to keep fruits and veggies. I do not want to carry as much boxed/canned food.

4. I want a good coffee/travel mug. Too many times with cold coffee spilled while driving.

5. Good light weight, light colored materials for curtains.

Feel free to offer suggestions for the upgrade!


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