Another Truck Camper

The fella who owns this beautiful, functional truck, and travels full time in it, was  employed in construction. When he retired he went to work on his truck, then took off for the woods and mountains. He cut a hole in the roof of his topper so he had some head room.truck camper 1 truck camper 5

His kitchen is on the driver’s side. What enchanted me was his use of magnets to keep his flatware in place.Truck Casmper2 truck camper 3The passenger side is ventilation and views.truck camper 6

Not fancy inside, but very functional. He is tough and this works perfectly for him.truck camper 4

We watched sunsets together. We shared secret hidden camping spots. He shared chocolates and pears and mandarin oranges with me. Oh those wonderful people one meets while camping!!

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People Stories While Truck Camping

Campgrounds and surprisingly intimate stories.

rudy and ollie net while truck campingA  weight lifter (“Yeah, I used to carry cars, pull trains. I bench pressed 850.”), Rudy had sole custody of his autistic son for many years. Then Rudy was hit by a car.  Many operations. Two years later his autistic son decides to get his own place. Rudy crams everything into a open jeep and hits the road for the first time. One very cold morning he brought me coffee and a pork chop. We whined about the wind, laughed and traded stories over the two weeks we were neighbors.

snake boy at WalmartThis young man was sitting out in front of Walmart, trying to sell the snake that almost bit him. He told me each step and each fear and each sound. He had no knife, so he skinned the snake with a broken piece of glass. He was surprised Walmart didn’t want to buy it. He wanted $200. I wished him luck.

flipPak Lady met while truck campingShe has a husband and teenage son. She travels to renaissance fairs to sell henna and art. She has a flippak camper (that leaks) on a rusty truck that she loves. She showed off her newest purchase which bakes, grills and fries. She made a great dinner to share. She cooks for large groups at the fairs. I was the wind block as she whipped up pasta.

Some people just start talking.

  • A tiny woman with very white Doris Day hair came by with two tiny adopted dogs. She found the old one (“The vet says she has 6 months or less.”) tied up on the railing to the steps of the Mississippi library. “And no one would take the dog after ten days at the animal shelter, so I took her. And I’ll never go back to Mississippi again if they are like that.”
  • A movie-star-looking fella told me way too much about his divorced wife and his level of resentment at his payments. He lives in a travel trailer that looked very ratty. I was feeling sorry for him until I noticed the very fancy solar system and extreme security and brand new big truck.
  • A man spent 40 minutes telling me, in detail, why he should never have bought his new Kimbery Kar trailer. He knew the original owners of the company in Australia in 1972, Bruce and Ted,  and they were trustworthy, but the new group was not.
  • A  woman told me the story of how she ran from an abusive home at 14 with her boyfriend. They headed to Los Angeles from Tennessee by bus. At the LA bus station the boyfriend said “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” He never returned. She was a hooker for four years, then got out of that, became a stripper while she went back to  school. She became a technical writer for Woods Hole for the last 20 years. She was traveling the states looking for a new home to buy.
  • “So if I owe the government $144,000 in back taxes they better give me a job. I’ve been a welder for 40 years. I have a bachelor of science  and a masters in information technology and no one will hire me.” He leaned back onto the table and kept talking. “I’ve been married and divorced twice and I stay away from all of that anymore. I bought this tent for $149 instead of buying drugs or alcohol.” He shifted around to face me. “You know what my mother always said – ‘Be respectful to the judge. Respect the judgement. You can always get it overturned later.'” I couldn’t get him to end the conversation and had to flat out walk away.
  • “What do you like to read?” I would ask people who said they loved to read. “Cotton Mather and the Puritans,”, she said. Her husband was into historical pamphlets.

The stories keep coming, (“Yes, I worked for Boeing for forty years. They have warehouses as long as two football fields. They gave me a cart to move around. I can fix anything. You need anything fixed?”)

This truck camper hint is to listen.

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Cooking in Wind

I thought I was done with the hints for truck camping, but encountered gusty, swirling, strong winds in New Mexico.

The shelter had no wind block. Cooking in the wind was driving me crazy until I pulled out the runner rugs from the back of the truck.Truck camping in Fort Sumner State ParkCooking in windI know it looks ugly, but it is another hint …. a doormat and a bungee cord. It worked like a charm with 45 mph gusts. I first tried blocking the wind with  an umbrella, but it kept blowing off the table. I tried putting the stove on a table at one side of the truck. Great until the wind shifted, which it did multiple times. This rug solution works consistantly. When the wind is extreme I can envelope the stove and make coffee, soup and fried veggies.  Sweet!

I may have more hints as I discover more solutions to common problems. I did think I was done ….

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Full of Hints

I started this blog  with my process of deciding how to camp in the back of a truck and hints about how easy it is to live in the back of a truck. I have run out of hints. It has been fun to figure things out and share them. But now what? There are no more hint.

I am going to stop blogging  since I have run out of hints. So, go out and camp. You will figure it out. Start your own blog and share your hints and experiences.

Thank you for reading and commenting over the past 4 years. I will be camping in the back of Lilith. Hope to see you on the road some day!Dispersed Camping

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Chasing Sun and Shopping

Chasing sun with solar

This is stage 4 of chasing the sun around the tree limbs and leaves. In about ten minutes the sun appeared full strength and charged the Yeti up to full power very quickly.

Shopping, once a month, can be stressful . In the woods I do not move at 65 mph. There are no advertising signs in the aspens. There are no crowds of humans. So, some hints about making the town trip stress free.

Have a list that has been started with items you forgot on the last town trip. Arrange the list by stores. Drive from store to store with gas saving in mind.  Save the grocery store ’til last so eggs stay fresh. Discard all trash from packaging in the grocery store parking lot garbage can. Plan on a treat in town, either a nice salad or a visit to the town center. Treat yourself to a nice hot shower. Have a local beer.

When you get to your camping spot start the new list with the forgotten items at the top. I had fly swatter on the top of every  list for a year. Finally got one last week.

Shop carefully, don’t go off the list, and have fun in town!

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