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Another Truck Camper

The fella who owns this beautiful, functional truck, and travels full time in it, was  employed in construction. When he retired he went to work on his truck, then took off for the woods and mountains. He cut a hole … Continue reading

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People Stories While Truck Camping

Campgrounds and surprisingly intimate stories. A  weight lifter (“Yeah, I used to carry cars, pull trains. I bench pressed 850.”), Rudy had sole custody of his autistic son for many years. Then Rudy was hit by a car.  Many operations. … Continue reading

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Cooking in Wind

I thought I was done with the hints for truck camping, but encountered gusty, swirling, strong winds in New Mexico. The shelter had no wind block. Cooking in the wind was driving me crazy until I pulled out the runner … Continue reading

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Full of Hints

I started this blog  with my process of deciding how to camp in the back of a truck and hints about how easy it is to live in the back of a truck. I have run out of hints. It … Continue reading

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Chasing Sun and Shopping

This is stage 4 of chasing the sun around the tree limbs and leaves. In about ten minutes the sun appeared full strength and charged the Yeti up to full power very quickly. Shopping, once a month, can be stressful … Continue reading

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