Surprised on the Road, Story 2

Here is another story while we wait for Lilith to get fixed up.

I surprised myself and fell in love. Head over heels. Totally smitten by cacti. In the Pancho Villa New Mexico State Park there were all kinds of cacti. They were in bloom. I had never thought much about cactus, growing up in the marshes and swamps of the low country of South Carolina.

Pancho Villa Cactus
Pancho Villa Cactus
Pancho Villa Cactus

Outrageous colors. Mind boggling bodies and thorns. Even the patterns on the dead cactus bodies were fascinating.

Pancho Villa Cactus Skeleton

The truck, Lilith, is parked at 2:30 o’clock in the picture below. You can just make out her black shape. The foreground is part of a botanical walk among cacti and succulents. A few miles of trails.

NM State Park Pancho Villa

This park (Pancho Villa New Mexico State ) is dedicated to the repulsion of  Pancho Villa’s “raid”, “invasion” into New Mexico 1916. Pershing was sent to capture him, and failed. Who’s land was it?  Native Americans? The Mexicans? The Spanish? The United States? Who can own land?

Aside from hot showers, the park had a huge, free library. I spent hours alphabetizing. And putting books into sections. Booksellers never retire, really.

This was a thought provoking time with exciting visuals.

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4 Responses to Surprised on the Road, Story 2

  1. Tim says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Jane says:

    I know the book alphabetizing gene. I worked for Cheap Shots in Aspen in early 70s and put books by subject then alphabetized by author. Drove me crazy not being able to find something.😁


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