Essentials List for Full Time Truck Camping

Your list will look different. This list changes.

  1. Topper:  An A.R.E. DCU 30″-36″ aluminum topper with liner and windows.
  2. Rack on top of the cab:  This is the place for the gas cans, the shovel, a window scraper and garbage on the way to town. 
  3. Bedding: An old carpet remnant. I also put blue jeans under the carpet for ironing and extra padding. I love sleeping on a hard surface. A sleeping bag. A winter coat wrapped around sweaters for the pillow.
  4. 2 Scepter 5 gal Water Cans with hoses, shut off valves and a hose bandit. 
  5. Stove: 20 pound propane tank and a single burner stove. This is way too big. From March to Nov I used only .7 gallon.
  6. Tarp: A white  “Dry Top 312201 12-by-20-Foot Super Heavy-Duty 10-Mil UV Treated Tarp”.   Two painters’ extension poles,  some paracord and heavy-duty bungee cords. (Very awkward, heavy. Have nothing better yet.)
  7. Safety items : A fire extinguisher , a Slime  Flat Tire Repair System (this is a mistake. I will never actually repair a tire. At most inflate it. I can get a portable compressor.), a heavy-duty 16′ 6 gauge booster cable ( and instructions on how to jump someone else’s car. I can never remember the sequence .), a 20′ Ft Heavy Duty 10,000 Lb Tow Strap,  two 4 gallon gas cans (gave them up, they were too unwieldy and went with 2 2 gal.), a weather alert radio, whistle, a Cobra JumPack jump starter  (a wonderful item to charge phone or whatever small electronic devices),  a 900 lumen LED flashlight for protection , and a  GOAL ZERO YETI 400 portable power station. 
  8. Construction of bed and shelves. 
  9. I have milk crates, 5 gallon pickle buckets (too big. Got rid of them the second month.), clothes, books, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, solar shower bag and a folding table. The milk crates are good for books, but terrible for food as mice invade.
  10. A folding chair and folding side table.
  11. I would like a pair of rubber boots that you pull over your shoes.