pool noodleYes, the pool noodle is for the truck camper toilet bucket. Pooping only. I pee outside. If I have to pee indoors I use a mason jar.

Pooping Bucket Instructions

Take off the pool noodle. The first thing that goes in 5 gallon ex pickle bucket is a bunch of pine shavings (hamster bedding). (Keep out two hand fulls.) Then, on top of the shavings is a heavy duty plastic bag (insurance). Then a plastic grocery bag is wrapped around the lip of the bucket. Put the two hand fulls of the pine (or cedar) shavings in the grocery bag. After pooping I shake the grocery bag to cover poop with pine. Usually I can poop twice before I tie up the small bag. Then I put the poop-full bag on the roof rack.

I have used this for several years and it works!

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