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End of Blog

This has been swell, but it is time to end the blog. Thanks for your support….

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Still Without a Cooler

I gave up the cooler a few months ago. So happy. I have a few new cooking hints for truck campers without a cooler: An avocado on top of ghee toasted buns with siracha and Braggs. Delicious. An easy lunch … Continue reading

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Women in the Desert

I didn’t know what to expect, meeting 1,000 women in the desert. I met women who were crying as they drove into the site. I met women who were laughing. I met women who couldn’t stop talking about their adventures … Continue reading

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Books in the Desert

You may know that I read. Lots. Well, at the gathering of 1,000 women I came upon two authors and bought their books. There were more authors and more books, but time ran out. The first one is by Mary … Continue reading

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Camping with Others

The WRTR was filled with almost 1,000 women who love traveling in/living in their van/rv/bus/car/truck. I was the only person in a truck. The gathering was held on BLM land near Bouse, AZ. Many of the women at the gathering … Continue reading

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