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Thoughts on truck camping

Camping with Others

The WRTR was filled with almost 1,000 women who love traveling in/living in their van/rv/bus/car/truck. I was the only person in a truck. The gathering was held on BLM land near Bouse, AZ. Many of the women at the gathering … Continue reading

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End of Cooler

I couldn’t stand the cooler. I did love the food, but hated everything else about owning the cooler. It took too much money, too much time, took up way too much room and way too many worries (where to get … Continue reading

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Heat in the Desert

I never imagined being hot in November. It was 87 yesterday. Thank goodness I am in a bit of shade. I am finding mice, flies, tiny ants and lizards. Spent an hour trying to locate the library in town. The … Continue reading

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Free Camp Spots

I love the free spots I have found from Cortez, CO to Deming, NM on 2 lane roads, in lodge pole pines, with birds and deer and elk and no other campers.I stayed here 3 weeks, experimenting with the cooler … Continue reading

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Camp Host Love

Living in the truck and being a camp host is an ideal combo for me. I am in the San Juan National Forest, there are birds and bears and marmots and interesting campers. Because there is no electricity or cell … Continue reading

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