More Storage Ideas for Truck Camping

bed trim These can go anywhere

shoe container ?! A place for my glasses at night, phone, kleenex, etc. Maybe a row near the stove for kitchen utensils.  Never actually tried this. I still like the idea.

Then I got to thinking about spices, and found the following hint of using weekly medicine containers:weekly medicine container.

This idea comes, with detailed instructions, from a site called “The Handy Housfrau“. I could have one “week” dedicated to Mexican spices and one for Indian fare. And they wouldn’t take up too much room.  The only problem is refilling them. The pill containers are small,  the jars in the grocery store are larger. I tried it. That didn’t work. Needed larger containers.

Truck Soup Box

The following idea that makes perfect sense (use rectangular containers), but the round ones are cheaper and often free.

Kitchen area storageGreat idea from the gardening cook.

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