Insurance for Truck Camping

Truck Camper insuranceWhy Have Insurance?

  • It is against the law to drive without insurance.
  • It is expensive to be involved in an accident. Saving the money instead of paying the insurance premiums wouldn’t accumulate enough money to pay for a day in the hospital.
  •  Some inattentive driver  could crash into  Lilith.  A deer could land on the hood. A tree could fall on her. I need that truck/home to be operational.
  • Would I insure  the household items ? Nah. Its only stuff. I could replace everything from savings.


Insurance Savings?

Looking to save money I started fantasizing that if Lilith was called a home then the insurance might be cheaper.  How much could it be to insure a 28 square ft home? Maybe she could be called a motor home? A “manufactured home”?

Lilith’s  presently has an auto insurance policy that is $360, paid every 6 months to State Farm in Colorado.  The policy has a $2,000 deductible. It works within the budget. I  still have no firm idea of what I am insured for and when some exclusionary clause is going to come up and bite me.

I will stick with this policy until I get smart enough to figure out something different.

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1 Response to Insurance for Truck Camping

  1. Fred says:

    A house on wheels. I don’t think this is a problem you own. The government needs to change its category as people in the 21st century organize their lives differently. There ought to be a rule change so insurance companies can calculate risk differently.


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