Winding Down

I will be leaving Burro Bridge campground on Sept 23. Have had so many wonderful campers that it is hard to give up this summer job. But I realized that I really had not seen the area, just the immediate area around the campground.Burro Bridge

So, if you are looking for a great summer job, you love nature, can count change, can be hospitable to a wide range of people you could be the next Burro Bridge host! You get a minimum wage and a uniform and plenty of help. There is no cell service and no electricity. This is a remote site, but SO worth the drive. If you are interested apply here.

Rocky Mountains

The evening walks are spectacular. This is a great way to spend your summer in a truck, without spending lots of money on camping. I have loved the summers I spent here. There are great towns nearby, lots of libraries, lots of museums and lots of great support from the folks at Rocky Mountain Recreation. If you are interested apply here.

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1 Response to Winding Down

  1. david allen Bouman says:

    I wish I could have come and visited you there!.. Hope to hear from you and your travels in the future.. Take care, much love, db


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