Transfer Campground to Camp Hosting

I  spent only $4.69 on gas for the  month, so I decided to pay for 14 days of camping at a tiny site, high in the mountains of the San Juan National Forest. I realized that by spending the gas money on camping it was robbing Peter to pay Paul, but did it anyway. I signed up for 14 days at the Transfer Campground, north of Mancos, Colorado. I was thrilled to be camping amongst aspens, in a level site, with clean bathrooms. Sweet.

Transfer Camp Spot

What was sweeter was the view only 50 yards from the truck.transfer Hesperus

Then I discovered all of the possible trails to hike.

I was relaxing there the third day when a car stopped at the truck and a woman emerged. She wanted to know if I wanted to be a camp host. I said yes, not realizing that she meant right now. The last host was a basket case and was let go. And 4th of July weekend was coming up. So the next morning, after a bunch of paperwork, I was escorted up to “my” camp. Holds 15 campers. All I had to do was clean bathrooms and take money for minimum wage. I got a free campsite and a cash refund from unused days in the Transfer Campground.

A few things were not immediately obvious … like it was 54.7 miles from the Cortez library, that it was at 9,000′ in altitude, that it would be packed on the 4th of July weekend, that I was suppose to weed eat, and paint and talk to the rangers and guests, and that there were going to be lots of people using the bathrooms (bikers, atv’ers, cars driving the road). Phew. And I am only allowed 11 hours of work per week. Hmmm. I have been keeping track and it is more like 20 hours, but I am having fun. They even gave me a hat, with the company logo, a vest, with the company logo, and a windbreaker with the company logo. All of which I am supposed to wear. I do wear the hat.

I will post pictures of “my” campground, Burro Bridge (have seen it spelled “Bourough”, “Burrow” and “Borro”), on the next post. The wind threw the camera onto some rocks and all pics lost. Camera still works. It is a lovely spot. No electricity or cell phone reception. Weather has been cold, well, chilly, at night and chilly during the day, unless the sun comes out. Then it is hot in the mid-70’s. Cortez, at the same time, is in the 90’s.

I will be taking care of Burro Bridge campground until Sept 15, so the communication will be every 15 days or so.

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7 Responses to Transfer Campground to Camp Hosting

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Hi: What a wonderful trip so far and there is always the element of surprise – like being a
    campground host. Love reading your posts. As my fellow hiking friend says “fly right”.
    Jean Rhinehart


  2. Jane says:

    Along with the pics of Burro Bridge and campsite, send one of Ms. P in the new uniform ! Looks beautiful up there in spite of all the tourists. xo Jane


  3. dave bouman says:

    Awesome.. I wish I was there.. Miss you tons, db

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 18:27:30 +0000 To:


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