Lighten the Truck

Less stuff = better gas mileage.
Less stuff = more room for person.

The ammo box is a perfect place to start.
ammo box tools


The ammo box contained: tow ropes, tie down straps, nylon rope, plastic tubing to siphon gas, a speed square, a pry bar , a chisel for breaking apart rocks, rare-earth magnets, hooks, industrial strength Velcro, shoe repair, cords, self drilling screws, barbecue skewers and a very warm down jacket.

Lots of very heavy tools in a very heavy box. It lived behind the driver’s seat. It was a pain to get it out of the truck. It was a pain to put in back in. The box was always buried under bags and cardboard boxes.  I found myself putting off chores if it involved something from the ammo box.
The first decision is to ditch the ammo box itself.

Then decide to  consolidate/repurpose/throw out what I do not use. Why am I carrying a speed square?  That is a large amount of cord. Mining stuff  and magnets needs to be with gold pan. The tow rope needs to be with vehicle stuff. Tie downs need to be with tarp bag. There needs to be a repair box/container. The pry bar has to go somewhere.
There is a tool bag to go through, a tarp bag to go through, a tool box to go through, an electronics box ….. and many more place I can lighten the load.





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4 Responses to Lighten the Truck

  1. Ming says:

    I have found that to be the case (duffle bags), though it’s a bit of a problem when there is no dry surface to lay them on.


  2. Jean Rhinehart says:

    What about plastic tubbies for equipment. It would be much lighter.Jean


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