Eating in the Truck

Wind or the rain or hail means that outdoor cooking is limited. Food sometimes takes strange turns.

This is a mostly drained can of beans, a can of tomatoes , a can of spicy V-8, 1 big Haas avocado, a toasted thick corn tortilla torn up, a little salt, a little citric acid, a little Siracha and a little salad dressing.

tortilla soup

1/3 of this was lunch. 1/3 for dinner. Then I put the remaining 1/3 in the front seat of the truck (to fool mice).

The breakfast leftover was everything left plus a little Braggs, some dried hash browns, another can of spicy V-8, and an egg on top. This was a winner for all three meals. I will be doing this one again.

I was hankering for some cumin and coriander in this dish, but all I have are whole seeds. I have dentures. Not a good mix. So I made a mortar and pestle. Loved this. Needless to say I left it in Colorado.

The next strange meal was not as successful. Coriander and/or cumin would not have helped.

I bought that bag of biscuit mix. Well, I thought it was biscuit mix. I was planning on trying to make a biscuit. No, it is a mix for gravy that is supposed to go on top of a biscuit. So I made what turned out to be a cold soup. Can of chicken with liquid, container of corn with liquid, some of the gravy mix and a good squirt of Braggs. It was creamy and tasty. It reminded me of vichyssoise. Really. A big, agreeable surprise, but not repeatable.

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8 Responses to Eating in the Truck

  1. Jason Watson says:

    Hi there , how is the condensation


  2. Elina Gomez says:

    I am not eating this kind of food. But I really interesting to eat. Thank you very much to share with us this recepie.


  3. marlis says:

    That’s awesome Pic! Creative camping cuisine at it’s best. CCC 😅


    • Mas Prema says:

      The weather is going to cool down this weekend, so fresh veggies are on the shopping list. Am getting tired of peanut butter inventions, or ramen weirdness, or instant potato surprise. Am thinking about refrigeration. I felt much better when I had fresh everything. But really dislike (really) coolers. Still thinking.

      On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 9:20 AM Truck Camper Hints wrote:



  4. Harley Gurl says:

    What a great idea for dinner and lunch!! LOL!!! How did that work for the mice? I love simple eating and you sound like you have that down pat. Bummer about the gravy mix. A biscuit would have been perfect. Hmm have you ever made bannock bread? It is good in fry pan and easy to make.
    Love the mortar and pestle, hope you find another one. Stay safe.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Well mice turned out to be pack rat … who needs to chew in order for the teeth to be trimmed. They don’t like peppermint, so a liberal application of essential oil has kept her away. She still chews all handles of knives, eyeglasses, phone … Aggh!

      On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 7:25 AM Truck Camper Hints wrote:



    • Mas Prema says:

      Ah. I answered your comments in the wrong order! Have never tried bannock bread. Looks doable! Thanks for the suggestion.


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