Topper quandary

Talked to Cracks and Racks about a rack on top of a topper. Hmm. They said that the only topper that they could put a basket rack on was one that had a flat top. Hmm. That screws up my idea of having a topper in which I could sit up. Either the basket rack for extra gasoline and poles and tarps and shovel and extra water or I can sit up at the tail end of the truck bed.  Not both. (How about a basket on top of the cab?)
What to do on rainy days? Lie in bed? Sit in the passenger seat of the truck?
Yes. I need the storage up top more than I need to sit up. Shoot. Wanted both.
centuryHighCLeer, A.R.E. and Century all have flat topped toppers that are 3″ above the cab. That will have to do. (Maybe.)

Another wrinkle in the best laid plans.

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