Sleeping in the truck

I thought about sleeping in the truck as I was falling asleep last night on a nice Serta mattress in a 65 degree room with two cats curling up next to me on high thread count cotton sheets and a quilt and a reading light next to my head. And I am intent on trading this in on a plywood bed with carpet scraps and a few old sleeping bags with a bunch of clothes rolled up as a pillow. Really?

I have been giving thought to the closing (from inside of the truck) of the topper window and the tailgate. (Is there an inside handle on the topper window? How about a rope on the tailgate to pull it shut?)  If it is hot, or even warm, outside I would like the whole thing open. Then it would be nice to have some kind of bug  screen, since I love to read at night. Maybe a length of netting rolled up on a pvc pipe suspended from the rear top of the topper.  (I just had a flash of bear … but I’d rather have it open even with wildlife.) In cold weather it would be nice to be able to roll down a  cold barrier blanket on the inside of the topper window and truck  tailgate.

As I get older it seems that peeing at night is not as optional as it used to be. That is another consideration. Perhaps if I restrict fluids to before 3 pm that might work. If not I will have to use a yogurt container? pint jar?

I have been using an alarm clock. I cannot think that it would be necessary in the truck. I can take that off of the essentials list.

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1 Response to Sleeping in the truck

  1. Ming says:

    I am having a great time reading about your journey from the beginning, I want to find out what happens next!

    If you send me an email, I can send you a link to our private travel blog so you can see what I’ve done with the truck so far (on a budget) for living in it. My next big thing is building a storm proof shelter for day use. I’ve had a couple of experiences of desert storms so far that my present shelters can’t stand up to. Next week is my deadline for committing $ to buy physical supplies to get this project from my head into the real world!


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