Another Food Update

I found two pieces of advice about keeping cheese when there is no refrigeration. Both  recommend vinegar. One says put vinegar drenched cloth around cheese and put in a plastic box or zip-lock bag. The other says to wrap in a vinegar drenched cloth, wrap tightly and let dry out. I kept two pieces of medium hard cheddar on the counter for 10 days.

Neither work too well. The cheese that was in the plastic bag turned so soft and weird that I hesitated to eat it. I did, tho’, and it tasted fine. The tightly wrapped, dried out version turned very hard with white growth. Tasted fine, but was hard to cut.

The obvious solution is to do half and half. Open up the plastic bag periodically.

I had a hint about cabbage that is working very well. The suggestion was to use the outer leaves – don’t cut into the head. That hint wins. It has been 10 days that I have had the cabbage out on the counter, taking just some outer leaves off, chopping these up and cooking with them. The cabbage head itself is now pretty tiny, but vibrantly healthy and firm. I am enjoying the cabbage with eggs and in soups and with refried beans and tortillas. Next I am going to work on carrots and tomatoes. Maybe leeks and potatoes.

I have given up on Folgers. I have given upon corn tortillas, which I love. They are too fragile cold. They are fine warmed up, but that is an extra step. I will try flour tortillas, but it seems like trying out Folgers.


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